Dr. MN Raju

Dr. MN Raju is an experienced Eye Surgeon, with over 30 years of practice in the field of Ophthalmology. He is attached to Sandhya Hitech Vision Care Centre in Vijayawada, and also visits the Sandhya Eye Hospital branches in Visakhapatnam and Rajahmundry. He is credited with several "firsts" in Andhra Pradesh, having been the first to introduce a computerised refractive unit, and also pioneering phacoemulsification, YAG laser, LASIK, foldable IOLs, and bladeless Femto-LASIK in the state.

Dr. MN Raju has undergone practical training in modern cataract surgery, refractive surgery, theatre stabilisation, counselling of patients, and management of complications in cataract surgery. He trained at Aravind Eye Hospital (Madurai), LV Prasad Eye Institute, and Singapore National Eye Centre. He is a recipient of the Vijayaratna Award for excellent service in community ophthalmology.

Dr. Raju has trained over 100 ophthalmologists in modern cataract surgery. He has been instrumental in the set-up of six comprehensive ophthalmic centres in Andhra Pradesh, including two LASIK Centres in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. Dr. Raju oversees a team of 16 ophthalmologists and 64 qualified technical support staff.

Dr Shaski Kapoor

Dr Shaski Kapoor has a trusted base of patients who have received treatment from him and are willing to share their positive experience and highly recommend Dr Kapoor. He is a seasoned professional who has honed his skills through sustained levels of training. He has held senior roles in reputed eye institutions in Mumbai and brings in years of experience to any ophthalmic consultation and procedure.

One of the Mumbai’s most highly trained Lasik surgeons, Dr. Kapoor began his distinguished career at the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, where he completed his corneal training and then went on to pioneer the use of excimer laser (Lasik) in India in 1991. He has been at the forefront of teaching and conducted over 30 live surgical workshops all over the country. He was among the earliest to use Phacoemulsification for removal of cataracts. He has edited many books as well as contributed chapters to many medical books and periodicals. He has been executive editor of Ophthalmology Times, USA (Indian edition) as well as held office at various positions in Bombay Ophthalmologists Association and Indian Ophthalmologists Society. He has served as President of Indian Intra ocular Implant and Refractive Society.

Dr Shashi Kapoor’s private practice in Mumbai is just one of the many facets of his personality. He is also a Professor at Grant medical college and JJ Group of hospitals, Mumbai. He heads the Lasik department and is performing the largest number of Lasik surgeries in Maharashtra, at an average of 200 each day. Many students have trained under his expert guidance and have gone on to become successful eye doctors. That kind of hands-on experience is rare to find, although there are many doctors in this highly competitive Ophthalmic field.

Dr. VVL Narsimha Rao

Dr. VVL Narsimha Rao is a well-known Ophthalmologist from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh with Comprehensive Ophthalmology as an area of specialisation. He is currently working as Professor in Andhra Medical College and Superintendent at Government Regional Eye Hospital in Visakhapatnam.

Dr. VVL Narasimha Rao has undergone Phaco training at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital in 2004. He is playing an important role at APOS- Vizag where he is a member of its Management Committee.

He is also available for his expert advice at Sandhya Eye Hospitals.

Dr M Subramanyam

Dr. M. Subrahmanyam, one of the senior most surgeons in India. He is the present President of Oculoplastic Association of India. Dr.M. Subrahmanyam has more than 25 years of experience in orbital and ophthalmic plastic services, has established this department at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital and Regional Institute of ophthalmology, Hyderabad and performed several thousand surgeries and started long terrm fellowship traing program. He is the first Indian to write a book on orbital Diseases.