Pediatric Eye Care Services

Sandhya Eye Hospitals has decades of experience in pediatric eye care services

Why should a child consult an eye doctor?

  • Early detection of eye problems through consultation helps the child to have a healthy vision
  • Any aberrations in the child’s vision when corrected helps the child to perform well in school
  • Squint in the eye if detected early can be corrected through exercises and glasses in some cases
  • Through timely consultation a child will get good binocular vision
  • On the whole, the child will have an all-round development without social or behavioral problems when he has healthy eye sight

When is the best time to bring child for consultation?

Anytime is good to bring a child for consultation while exigencies. But if one plans for a usual check-up, one can plan the consultation as follows,

  • Pre-term infants 4 weeks after birth
  • Any normal baby around three to three and half years of age

Pediatric Eye Care Services Offered

  • Comprehensive pre-school checkup
  • Watery eye evaluation
  • Eyelid problems (Ectropian and Entropian)
  • Ptosis
  • Squint clinic
  • Glasses prescription
  • Lazy eye screening
  • Nasolacrimal duct services
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Visual disorders DOCTORS

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